09 February 2009

Letter for Joker himself

Last night i laid on my bed, let myself drawned in silence and darkness. Yeah, my life become an introspection, and these are my whole confessions (or should i say these are questions?)

This is not the first time i feel this lonesome feeling, i've ever felt it before, so i shouldn't have behaved like this!

Come on, lip, you aren't a child anymore!

How many persons should your exes at least become your enemy?

How many times should you burnt by ego, eaten by emotion, and make your heart become rotten caused by hateness?

How many persons should you've ever loved, when that feeling vanished turn into resenment?

How many times should you torture yourself, lip?

How many times?




It stabbed deep my heart while you asking me,

"How many times should you make me cry to be satisfied?"

For God sake, i didn't mean to :(

Sorry for my bad, for every-fckn-thing that makes you sad

For every mistakes i did, and every fcksht i said

Whatever, let bygones be bygones

I owe you my thanks for giving me a chance :)

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